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Goods for export and import to Thailand

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Production in Thailand 2017 year for business

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a relatively inexpensive labor force and improving incrementally. It presents an excellent platform for construction manufacturing plants that produce all sorts of products, especially plants owned by multinational companies, spanning various industries.

These companies produce goods primarily for the purpose of exporting them. These products offer quality that compares to many other Asian countries.

In previous years, Chinese products dominated the export market, in cooperation with foreign companies. Among these other nations, Thailand enjoys prime conditions for producing many products and is, in many instances, a leader in world exports.

Thai exports feature the following: air-conditioning systems, telecommunications equipment, computers and accessories, radios, semiconductors, consumer electronics, rubber and rubber products (natural rubber, clothing, hygiene products and pharmaceuticals, tires and tubes, resin), automobiles and parts, metal, clothing, underwear and cotton fabrics, ready-made food (fish and shellfish, vegetables, processed tobacco) and herbal products.

The economy of Thailand’s leans upon agriculture and mining. From these industries, Thailand delivers tin pre, tungsten, antimony and manganese, as well as natural gas and UHL.

Cultivated land covers 41% of the land area, growing: rice, maize, cassava, jute, cotton, sugarcane, soybean, coconut, bananas, pineapples and tobacco.

Although imports into Thailand have reached high levels, investors continue to build factories in the country with great enthusiasm. Noteworthy companies that run production from Thailand include: Canon, Nikkon, Toyota, Honda, GAP, Nike, Nestle and Triumph.

Thailand manufactures high-end, quality kitchen equipment and textiles, and electrical equipment. They also produce natural, healthy and environmentally friendly goods, such as: herbal shampoos, cosmetics, skin care products and essential oils.

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