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Business agent in Bangkok

If you need a business partner in Bangkok, you fill find me to be the person you are looking for. I can help you organize your own business in the city.

Your helper in Bangkok

Let’s look at the benefits and opportunities for business in the Thai capital. This big city, where something is always going on, recently experienced months of a protest movement assaulting the government; however, this did not dissuade tourists.

They filled the Condotel, and all other hotels when travelers and large companies visited the River Kwai and other city attractions.

Bangkok stands out from other cities in the country because it features a sophisticated transport network, both above and below the ground, that includes buses, taxis and motorcycles traversing Bangkok in all directions. This guarantees a modern pace of life.

Business in Bangkok 2017

Because of this, you can open an agency in Bangkok that provides transportation service of one kind or another. Examples include: a taxi service, an auto rickshaw agency, a sightseeing minivans outfit for travel to various regions of Thailand or abroad to other countries. You may also provide regular visa extensions to assist the many tourists staying in Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Some foreigners officially marry Thais and organize a joint family business, hoping to avoid legal complexities and unfavorable situations.

Do not trust the Thais in this matter, however, if they promise you full assistance in business. If you decide to organize a joint business with a Thai citizen, you must partner with a person whom you genuinely trust. After all, he will possess a controlling stake in your business.

So to open a small business with minimal investment, investigate the character and integrity of your business partner in Thailand first.

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