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Industry of Thailand 2017 year for business

Thailand, in terms of economic development, is an agrarian-industrial country where 60% of the population is employed in agriculture. The main agricultural products are rice, sugar cane and cotton. The country imports rice large volumes and boasts a well-developed fishery network. The mining industry is advanced, as a result of the discovery of large deposits of tin, tungsten and natural gas.

Food, rice mills, sawmills and textiles account for 60% of the industrial enterprises. Most of these are concentrated in Chiang Mai, Korat, Nokhon Sritammarat Province and Bangkok. Small businesses dominate the manufacturing industry.

The Thai government takes effective measures to attract foreign capital investors, such as Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Sony World electronics, along with many other companies who have established assembly plants here.

Thailand enjoys vast reserves of precious metals and stones (gold, silver, sapphire and ruby), which form the basis of a thriving jewelry industry. A significant part of the national income comes from successful cottage industries such as textiles, jewelry production, and handicrafts, to name a few.

Tourism is another major contributor to the national income. With many beautiful natural resorts all over the country, a wonderful year-round climate, modern transport infrastructure and excellent services, tourists visit this popular destination from all over the world.

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