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Translation and representative in Thai

I can represent your interests in Thailand. I know the culture and customs of the country, having lived here many years. Many people who would like to live in Thailand for a long time and are interested in the question of how things work in the country regarding work and starting their own business.

English-Thai language representative

The short answer to these questions is yes, work and business are possible for foreigners in Thailand. Yet there are legal limitations designed to protect against foreigners overtaking the labor market and business.

If you plan to open a business in Thailand, realize that a foreigner is not able to establish a business alone. You may only claim 49% ownership in the company. Therefore, you should anticipate some cost for locating a reliable partner and learning the details of the competent share factor.

Representing Your Interests in Thailand 2017 for business

Representative for Establishing a Hotel Business in Thailand

To do business in Thailand, you should target a strategic niche. For instance, hotels are not considered a small business, but not every tourist wants to stay in a five-star hotel. So you could open a mini-hotel or hotel house, or you could rent rooms in a small cottage. Doing this will attract customers who appreciate affordable rates

Representative for Establishing an Active Rest Business in Thailand

Many people visit Thailand to relax. They enlist in popular diving courses, planning as little as a week ahead! To open a business like this, you will need to gather many required documents to confirm your compliance with mandatory equipment, proper healthcare and so on; but, you will get a profitable business with the prospect of further expansion.

Representative for Establishing Transportation Service in Thailand

Arranging a taxi service or rental minivans and minivans for tour groups is a particularly relevant service business to consider opening, especially in major cities like Bangkok, where many tourists visit and business people plan excursions.


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