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admin 2015-12-13
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Assistant in Thailand

If you need help doing business in Thailand, please contact me. Starting your own business in Thailand is an excellent choice for those who want to move to Thailand and remain here permanently. With this in mind, many people expect a simple visa transfer experience. However, there are more challenges that you realize.

Why Foreigners Are Opening Business in Thailand?

Since the government endeavors to protect the country, including businesses, from foreigners, legislation enforces many restrictions on work and business in the country.

The primary benefit of starting a business in Thailand is that you may own your house or land. The government only permits foreigners to buy land or property on behalf of a company or firm. However, starting a company to obtain a visa will not work. To qualify for this benefit, you must plan to employ local laborers with a minimum of 4 employees.

Still, opening and maintaining your business will introduce other difficulties in any Thai city, including Bangkok. The return often will not exceed the interest earned on a deposit in a domestic bank. Also, the low interest rates on Thai accounts generally falls below 3%.

Helping Business Understand Income and Restrictions in Thailand

Many factors affect the profitability of business in Thailand, so it is necessary to understand that profit margins will be significantly lower than doing comparable activities through domestic cheating.

This is partly due to existing limitations in the country. In addition, about forty fields of activity are prohibited to foreigners, related to developing your own business without hiring Thai workers. These include:

• Business for sale in any form of commercial enterprise

• Business in the construction sector and related occupations

• Business through any kind of auction

• Business in hairdressing works (cutting hair) and the beauty industry

• Business in manufacturing stone artifacts and sculptures and other items

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