Developing business in Thailand

admin 2015-12-18
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Products in Thailand

I can help you establish a business in Thailand for a modest fee. It is an attractive and affordable country, whether you plan to stay temporarily or permanently.

Ideas business in Thailand

In a country where tourism is a primary industry, you should consider opening a travel agency. Sell excursions, organize customized trips and arrange personal tours for wealthy, vacationing customers.

In a country like this, with a large flow of tourists, starting a travel agency is definitely a smart idea. As travelers visit Thailand for temporary rest, a large number decide to stay. Some even buy property to save vacation rental costs, and they frequently rent out their property when they return home until they take another vacation to Thailand.

Next to tourism, real estate is the second best business idea in Thailand.

Many tourists, after they tour Thai sights, sleep in a rented apartment and search for a place to eat. You should consider opening a restaurant or café that appeals to your Russian countrymen who are touring Thailand, offering foods they know well. At the same time, you should offer Thai food to foreigners from abroad who want to taste the cuisine of this country.

So next to tourism and real estate, food is the third best business to establish in Thailand.

Many foreigners who have plans of moving to Thailand want to start their own business: a small cafe, a guest house, a travel agency or a mini-hotel. Whichever you choose, the sensible choice is to establish a business that will focus primarily on tourism.

I’ll provide all the help you need to do business in Bangkok successfully, including negotiation and translation services. If you need a qualified person, you have found your man.

Thai law allows you to conduct business in several legal forms: regional, operational and office, requiring appropriate representation of the company with a limited liability partnership.

Foreign investors rarely choose the legal form of partnership in Thailand, preferring to open companies as ‘Limited Liability Companies’ instead.

Even if you have a large sum of money, you may not be able to open a successful business in Bangkok. Let’s consider the things you will need to provide maximum certainty as you plan a business.

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