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admin 2015-12-18
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Business products in Bangkok

Millions of tourists visit Bangkok every year, which is why this city has become the most profitable platform for opening new businesses and expanding existing ones. I can help you do this successfully and assist you in all negotiations with your business partners.

How  Development  business in Bangkok?

You should begin by selecting areas of activity in which you aim to realize your business ambitions. Tourism undoubtedly continues to be a business sector in Bangkok. That is why any of your enterprise focused on the needs and interests of travelers and visitors will surely turn a profit. Opening a cafe, bar, hotel or a mini-hotel will yield financial benefits..

If you have already chosen the name for your company, you should determine your organizational structure. In most cases, foreigners choose the structure that is most suitable for tourist business.

One option is a partnership, and a second is a private organization. The first option is easier to organize; but when you choose a private organization, you will be able to pay a much lower income tax percentage.

If you are unsure what option to choose, seek the assistance of a legal entity who is aware of international trends in the regulation of relations between entrepreneurs. He will provide necessary and good advice.

Next, you need to obtain a business visa. If you open a bar or any other business in Bangkok, you will need an approved business plan. In addition, you will need to find a few Thai partners, confirmed in writing, to secure approval for opening the business.

Visit the Thai embassy to prepare all of the necessary documents. What type of business do you hope to open in Bangkok — small, medium or large? Be clear about the necessary costs associated with your goal, whether the finances or time required.

Tourists will eat and drink. They will also need a place to live; servicing this need will necessitate a medium or large business, which will require tens of thousands of dollars to establish. Be prepared to take this risk.

Contact me and I will help you to develop your business in Bangkok.

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