How to start business in Bangkok

admin 2015-12-17
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Help to business in Bangkok

I’ll assist you with everything you need to establish a business in Bangkok, including necessary negotiation and translation services. If you need a qualified person, you can count on me.

How to start business in Bangkok 2017 year


To form a company successfully, you must exercise careful study. You should research how to live in Thailand, communicate with the people, establish contacts with your possible partners and determine the demand for your business.

You may need to solicit professional help and find a good legal adviser.


Thais copy things better than anyone. Selling fakes occurs frequently in this country! So it is possible that someone will copy your idea and open a similar business nearby.

At the same time, Thais can offer lower prices for products or services and are less demanding that Europeans and other foreigners.

Also, be prepared for competition from other foreigners like you. Many already have established bars, massage parlors, beauty salons, restaurants and travel agencies. Do you want to open another similar institution?
Stop and think first about the feasibility of opening such a business, especially when other bar and salon owners merely earn enough income to stay alive.

Visa and resolution

To open a business in Thailand, you need all necessary documents. First, you need your visa. This will alleviate potential problems. Also, make sure that your business has secured all the necessary permits. If you don’t know what permits you need, seek help from a lawyer.

The law is the law

Know all of the laws, regulations and rules. Being a foreigner does not exempt you from adhering to government laws. If you ignore the law, you may get a penalty (at the least) or get expelled from the country (at the worst), which will lead to a loss of capital.

I will represent your interests in Bangkok for an affordable rate. Any British, American or Australian business people who come to this city to start a business must know all of the related nuances. I can help you master this information.

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