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Prices for my services

Oral Thai translation of Thai

Interpreting from Thai to Russian at business meetings and events, in court and police - $200 dollars per working 8 hours a day. Using the machine - $300 per day.

Legal services in Thai

Legalization of business in Thailand is assistance in opening a Thai company, certification of documents and other will cost for you $500 for 2 weeks of work. Payments to Thai lawyers and expenses for opening a company are not included.

Business partner in Thai

Search for information and suppliers (2-3 real suppliers) - $200 for 1 week of work.

Representative Interests in Thai

Monitoring the supply chain and checking the quality of the goods before shipment will cost you $400 - one-time service for the execution of one order within 2 weeks. Permanent basis is 7-10% of the cost of purchasing goods.

Written translations from Thai

Written translations from Thai into Russian and from Russian into Thai - $30 per page.

Broker in Thai

Services of a customs broker on the admission or dispatch of goods from Thailand. The cost of the services of a Thai broker is calculated separately.

Loyalty program

1. 11% discount on all types of service

Экскурсия в подарок

2. Excursion as a gift

  • After a business meeting or on weekends I can organize a tour around the city of Bangkok for you – a temple room, a floating market, shopping at local markets or shopping centers, an entertainment center for children (if you come with a child), zoos, a Thai dance show and much more at your choice. Duration of the tour is about 3-4 hours.
  • A tour of Bangkok or its environs will be financially more profitable for you with me, because the presence of a person who knows the Thai language will help to bargain, get the best prices for purchases and see all the desired places.
Экскурсия в подарок

3. Meeting at the airport and settlement (check-in) to the hotel.

  • I will meet you at the airport, take you to the hotel, help you with the settlement, then help you to get to the place of business meeting and take you back to the hotel.
  • If you do not know Thailand, this is not a problem. I will take care of you throughout your stay in Thailand.

Встреча в аэропорту и поселение(чек-ин) в отель

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